Frequently Asked Questions

To order your mobile phone unlock service please ensure that you select the correct network service, ensure the model you are submitting is compatible with the service selected and that the criteria within the service description is met.

In order for us to process your request we will require the IMEI number of the device. To obtain the IMEI number please enter *#06# on the device. We recommend it being taken from the device itself rather than the box / sim tray or housing as sometimes this can provide an IMEI from a different device especially with second hand devices.

Once you have obtained the IMEI of the device. Please select the required service and fill in the required boxes in order for us to accept your order. One complete please process the payment via Paypal. You can either login to an existing Paypal account if you have one or checkout as a guest and simply input your card details on their website.

The process to finalise the unlock will depend on the make of your device, on some you will be required to manually input the unlock code. However on other makes you will simply need to insert a non supported sim card and connect the device to a Wifi Connection.

To check process you will need to follow please use the below link:

Unlock code input instructions

If your device is hardlocked you will be unable to use the unlock code method to unlock your device. You can check here prior to purchasing your unlock service to verify if our service will work with your device.

There are a very small quantity of instances where unlock codes are not accepted.

Please ensure your device is not hardlocked prior to reporting any issues to us. If your device is hardlocked you will be unable to use the unlock code method to unlock your device. Here are instructions how to check for various makes of devices to see if your device is hardlocked. If your device is hardlocked it will only be able to be unlocked via a cable method which we do not offer unfortunately. 

We advise entering the unlock code we have provided you with once and once only to ensure that the remaining unlock attempts are not consumed.

Please use the contact us page should you have any issues and include the IMEI number of the device so that we can locate the order and request a code check to be completed.

Firstly please accept our apologies. 

Codes are sent out to the email address inbox when the order was placed, occasionally this can filter into your spam / junk mail so please check here first.

The timeframe for the network unlock services we offer are stated within the service descriptions, very very rarely are the service timeframes not adhered to. In the event that the timeframe has surpassed please contact us. Please ensure to include your IMEI and / or Order Number where possible to help us track down your order process.

The services times vary based on network, make, model. Unfortunately we cannot provide a precise unlock turnaround time due to the number of services we offer within this FAQ however the service description will state this.

In short... No

We recommend that our trade customers register and create an account with us due to the prices being offered at reduced rates however there is a minimum account top up in order to obtain these discounted rates.

If you just require one unlock service please use the retail section of our website where you will be able to process the individual unlock request without creating an account.


All of our services carried out are completed remotely, the device can remain safely within your possession for the duration of the service. Once the service is complete we will advise accordingly and provide instructions how to finalise the request.